About the Founder

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Hello, I am so glad you found your way to this site! My name is Elizabeth Alva and I’m the founder of Ablaze. A couple of things that define me would be my Californian roots, a love of photography, a dislike of cleaning my room and a strong curiosity over knowing the stories that each person holds completely different from anyone else in the world. However, the most important thing that defines me is who I am at my very core: a child of God.

I’ve been compelled to start Ablaze for that very reason. Over the course of my (relatively short!) life, I have encountered many wonderful people within the Church who all face a relatively universal struggle in life: how to live the lives that Our Lord calls us to. We so easily can feel on fire with our Catholic faith during a retreat or prayer service, but then we go home and are faced with the reality of a very different lifestyle. How can we stay on the right path in our day to day actions?

Thats where Ablaze comes in. Over time, I hope that this ministry will be able to reach countless other youth with the materials and insights that Catholicism has gleaned over 2000 years on how to live our daily lives in a way that guides us towards Heaven. Each of us has a purpose and a story to be told completely unlike any other and the goal of Ablaze is to help you find the determination to live your life out to the fullest… and set the world on fire.



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